This week we close out our year’s cycle of parsha podcasts. The Eden Center is deeply grateful to Karen Miller Jackson for her dedication and steadfastness providing us with fascinating weekly insights about social, emotional or physical well-being through the parsha!
The Building Yourself Through Parsha podcast has been generously sponsored by Yedida Lubin & Avi Rosenschein in memory of Yedida’s father אברהם לייב בן חיים והינדא ז”ל, Leonard Lubin, in commemoration of his 5th yahrtzeit this Shabbat. 

Parashat Bereshit allows us to explore together with Karen our relationship with the earth, how to think about ways for tikkun, how we treat our world, and how we treat ourselves. She encourages us to take a moment to reflect on how we personally relate to the earth and what we do לעובדה ולשמרה – at the same time as we think of about how we protect and nurture ourselves as women.